Conférence : «Innovative solutions for mass transit and railway: driverless, catenary-free and high-speed»



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«Innovative solutions for mass transit and railway: driverless, catenary-free and high-speed»

par Giovanni Bocchetti, Paolo Marino et Gilles Pascaut

Mardi 19.03.2013, 19h00, Forum da Vinci

Ansaldo STS, a Finmeccanica group company, is leader in the field of railway and urban transport technology. The company operates through two business units, Transportation solutions and Signalling, in designing, producing and managing rail and signalling systems. Ansaldo STS, listed on the Milan stock exchange, acts as both main contractor and systems integrator, providing turnkey solutions in major projects worldwide.

TramWave, the AnsaldoSTS catenary-free solution

Tramwave is an innovative catenary-free power supply solution designed and patented by Ansaldo STS that doesn’t constraint urban vehicular and pedestrian circulation.

The contact line is composed of consecutive modules of 3 to 5 m long, embedded in the ground in the middle between the rails; each module is made by 50 cm long conductive steel plates (also called segments), that are insulated between each others and release energy only when the traction boogies are over them and the traction collectors are realised being in contact with them.

A mandatory condition for the ground contact line to release power is the presence, on the segment, of the vehicle with the power collectors released, that activates the segments and pick up the current.

The steel plates (segments) in contact with the power collectors are the only one energised; the rest of the contact line is not fed. The safety of people and vehicles is always guaranteed.

Driverless Unattended Metro

The answer to the current and future needs of urban mobility

The Driverless Transportation Systems provides an opportunity to improve both service and economic efficiency.

Considering that the reduction of waiting time and the punctuality are essential to provide a high quality service and to attract more passengers to public transport, it is important to underline that the Driverless systems may be operated at very short headways during peak hours (up to 75 sec) in compliance with high efficiency standards.

Since they are driverless and require a very short staff for operation, the service frequency can also be kept at an acceptable level during off-peak hours, without incurring in significant operating costs. Such systems can also respond quickly to changes in passenger-flows, operating in a ‘demand-responsive’ mode.

Safety is of course a major concern for Operators of any transport mode. Therefore it is important to highlight that the high safety record of fully automated systems has been proven by many world wide experiences and it is now widely accepted by the passengers also from the psychological point of view.

High speed towards the future

Countries consider the high speed rail a rapidly expanding new transport mode often described as the “transport mode of the future”. This is due to the main and very important characteristics offered to operators and customers, such as innovation, safety, capacity, reliability, sustainability (in particular respect to the environment) and interoperability.

This is also the philosophy of Ansaldo STS who is playing a predominant role in the introduction and development of the high speed rail signaling technology. Ansaldo STS takes part of this success and contributes to make the dream of high speed a reality of every day. Nowadays almost 50% of the high speed railway network in the world and thousands of trains are equipped with Ansaldo STS’ signalling cutting edge technology.

Since the very beginning of the high speed rail in Europe, more than thirty years ago, Ansaldo STS is in France the unique supplier of signaling technology adapted to high speed rail. In Italy since the starting of the very large program Ansaldo STS is the major supplier and considered as the worldwide leader.

La conférence sera tenue en anglais et en français.

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Date:19.03.2013, 19h00

Lieu: Forum da Vinci, 6, boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte à Luxembourg

Bus: Lignes 6, 7, 12, 15; arrêt « Wampach » Vel’oh !: Stations les plus proches : Monterey (en face du n°49) ou Convict (Place du Foyer) Parking: Le long du boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte et dans les rues avoisinantes

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