Nos administratrices(-eurs) se dévoilent: Anouk Hilger

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Ils sont quinze. On connaît leur nom, leur fonction. On en sait peut-être moins sur leur parcours humain et professionnel, leur vision à propos de nos métiers. Nos administratrices et administrateurs ont accepté de se dévoiler un peu pour nous, dans un autoportrait express. Nous les découvrons à tour de rôle, dans notre newsletter mensuelle.

Who are you ?

Since my childhood, I love discovery, experimenting, numbers, technology, and building something new. Thus, as a teenager, I decided to embark on the journey of science: I studied mathematics in high school and received my master’s degree in chemical engineering and my doctorate degree in computational chemistry from the ETH Zürich.

In my free time, I like to be out in the nature and go regularly hiking with my family. The wildness of the mountains fascinates me and thus we often spend our holidays in the Alps or the Dolomites. Moreover, I love music and played percussion and piano during my adolescence.

What do you do ?

Prior to joining Enovos Luxembourg as Head of Renewable Energies, I held a variety of managerial positions in manufacturing, product development, sales, and business with DuPont Luxembourg and DuPont Belgium. I am as well a member of the Board of Directors of the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR) and of several Enovos’ subsidiaries.  

At Enovos I lead the Luxembourgish renewable energy business in solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass. With the aim of accelerating the energy transition in Luxembourg, Enovos has been developing energy production from renewable sources by setting up numerous renewable energy projects across the country. A driving force behind the energy transition, Enovos relies on cutting-edge technologies and deploys innovative solutions based on strong local partnerships.

The most important and valuable tasks in my work are to develop talent and capabilities into the business to meet customer and project needs, and to build enduring partnerships with customers and strategic partners.

My aspiration is about raising the essential role sustainability plays in influencing growth decisions and demonstrating how Enovos can help customers achieve their own sustainability ambitions with our solutions.

Why is it so cool to be an engineer/scientist ?

The reason I became an engineer is the fascinating ability of science and technology to solve big challenges. It’s all about exploring unknowns in creative ways, discovering new insights, developing sustainable solutions, optimizing existing ones, and implementing them.

Science and engineering make an impact on the world and contribute to societal transformation and progress. For an engineer and a scientist, many innovation opportunities lie ahead and the perspective to create value and drive lasting change to help reaching our sustainability goals is very exciting.