“Conference Anchoring and Fixing” by the IFRC – Shelter Research Unit

We are pleased to present the Anchoring and Fixing conference on the use of these systems in humanitarian shelter, organized by the IFRC – Shelter Research Unit. The conference will last 2 days, April 9th (from 10 h to 16.30h) and 10th (from 9 h to 15h), 2013, and is organized at Forum da Vinci – 6, boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg. It will bring together shelter practitioners, anchor and fixing’s suppliers, academia and other professionals interested and operating in humanitarian shelter. The conference will be an unparalleled occasion to expand your knowledge on technical and material options for sheltering as well as to meet other practitioners and make contact to suppliers.

A good anchoring to the ground is essential for the safety and stability of any kind of light structure. That means not only for tents and transitional shelters, but also for water towers, radio antennas, containers, etc. The potential of this simple element is huge. The aim of the study is to identify high-tech systems for low-tech and efficient use, to secure people and goods.

IFRC-SRU aims to explore in which cases earth anchors can present a cost effective, easy to implement alternative to the commonly used foundations.

IFRC-SRU is testing a number of deferent anchoring systems in different soil types to evaluate their performance. The results will serve to prepare a matrix that will help identify what anchor is most suitable for what ground condition and what load type.

During the conference the IFRC-SRU will present the test results. Also, we will have as presenters Arcelor Mittal, CraTerre, IFRC, Canadian Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross, Netherland Red Cross, Polytechnic University of Cataluña, Eindhoven University of Technology and Civil Protection of Luxembourg.

If you are interested to attend the conference on Anchoring and Fixing on April 9-10 2013 please make sure you register under: http://a3.acteva.com/orderbooking/bookEvent/A330557

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anchoring fixing April 9-10 2013