Our administrators reveal themselves: Sofie Waldermann

There are fifteen of them. We know their names and their jobs. Perhaps we know less about their personal and professional backgrounds, and their vision of our businesses. Our administrators have agreed to reveal a little about themselves, in an express self-portrait. We discover them in turn, in our monthly newsletter.

Who are you? I grew up between construction containers and excavators, as my father owned his own construction company. As a child construction sites were a large adventure playground for me. The world of high-rise construction has always fascinated me, and these early experiences have significantly influenced my career path. After my A-levels, I decided to study Economical Engineering with a focus on Civil Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. My goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry, encompassing both technical and business aspects.Outside of my professional life, I enjoy spending my free time sailing. Sailing gives me a sense of freedom and adventure that I deeply appreciate. Another hobby of mine is dancing. During my university years, my partner and I started dancing standard and Latin, which has continued to connect us to this day.

What do you do? During my studies, I worked as a student assistant in a small design office, where I set up schedules and coordinated construction activities. Since 2023, I am a project manager for healthcare projects at Paul Wurth Geprolux. This role allows me to combine my passion for project management with my civil engineering expertise, contributing positively to modern hospital construction in Luxembourg. This involves working closely with various stakeholders to ensure successfully and efficient project completion. It’s a challenging but deeply fulfilling role.

Why is it cool to be an engineer? As an engineer, no two days are the same. The diversity of challenges and the opportunity to develop creative solutions make this profession incredibly exciting for me. Engineers not only identify problems but also actively work to solve them and develop innovative solutions that provide real value. Furthermore, the engineering profession offers the unique opportunity to actively shape and improve the world around us. It is incredibly fascinating to see how our own ideas and efforts lead to tangible changes and progress. One of the aspects that captivates me the most is witnessing the transformation from an empty field to a fully realized building, observing a project come to life from start to finish.